Tattoo Artist Tips For A Great Tattoo Appointment

Tattoo Artist Tips For A Great Tattoo Appointment

From your first to your 50th tattoo, use these tattoo artist tips for a great tattoo appointment...

1. Eat Before Your Tattoo Appointment

Make sure to eat well and stay hydrated. You're going to be sitting for a long time, and although getting a tattoo is crazy fun, being hangry won't add to your tattoo experience.

2. Don't Bring Your Kids

Kids are great but they don't mix well with a tattoo studio. Kids in the tattoo shop during your tattoo appointment pose a major distraction to you and your tattoo artist and that's not something anyone wants.

3. Speak Up & Ask Questions

If you have a question or concern, speak up and let your tattoo artist know. They want you to be 100% satisfied with YOUR tattoo. A great tattoo artist will give their professional opinion but will also be more than willing to educate and answer client questions.

4. Bring a Friend, But Not Your Whole Crew

Bring a friend for support but a crowd can be distracting. Space can be limited in a tattoo studio, but if you need the support, bring a friend to your tattoo appointment.

5. Be On Time & Prepared

Just like with any other appointment, arrive on time and ready to go. Tattoo artists work on a schedule and showing up late to your appointment could cause your artist to rush your tattoo, plus is just super uncool and rude. If you absolutely must be late, call your tattoo artist. They will appreciate the heads up. 

6. Wear Comfy Clothes

Be sure that you are wearing clothes that you can comfortable move around in. Choose clothing that allows your tattoo artist to easily access the location of the tattoo. Don't wear anything thats too tight or too loose.

7. Tip Your Tattoo Artist

If this is your first tattoo, you may not be aware of the custom of tipping your tattoo artist. Make sure to plan to tip 15%-20% when planing your next tattoo budget. Just like hairdressers and waiters, it is customary to tip your tattoo artist. 

I hope you found this quick list of tattoo artist tips helpful. Before to check out my tattoo flash or book a consult if you're in the Tampa Bay area. 

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